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140411 Pepsi CF recording
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140528 Leaving MBC Park Kyunglim’s 2 O’Clock Date
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make me choose: dongwoo or zelo
asked by woohyunforyou

익명 회원
: did your infinite album come with a poster?

Not for the one I just received, but for my other order, I ordered all three posters so I could choose instead of getting a random one. Most likely I’ll end up just keeping the one where they’re wearing all black and leather heheh. *-*

140528 MBC Show Champion
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131122 Mnet Asian Music Awards
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the face

hoya’s hair colors 

140528 leaving Park Kyung Lim’s 2 O’Clock Date
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"Infinite to me? Something I cannot live without. Family." - Sungjong

익명 회원
: how did you get your album so fast? ems? haha whose photocard did you get? :D

Actually no! I ordered from this eBay store that’s based in the U.S. so shipping was really fast! o(*゚▽゚*)o I got Woohyun’s photocard cries which I’m not that upset about since he looks SUPER hot with that black shirt and ripped jeans and he’s my third INFINITE bias but of course I wanted Myungsoo… T^T Still waiting on three more albums to come so hopefully I get his otherwise I’ll have to trade. OTL