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Hi guys! So uh my laptop is kind of broken LOL CRIES which means I’ll be even more inactive on here than before (yeah I know I’m never on here anyway) and Absurdfinite will be on hold until further notice. OTL

Sorry everyone! Hopefully I’ll get my laptop fixed soon! ;;

Oh and also


140224 This is Infinite filming
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Dongwoo + green for gyugle

Be mine jp version - requested by anonymous

익명 회원
: Hello can you please post the link of your theme ^^

I’m sorry but Hina no longer shares her themes so she deleted all of her posts and codes and everything. ;A;

Jonghyun and L at LA Korea Festival

that logic

INFINITE - black & white outfits

woohyun’s gifset  requested by kimsoowon


140412 KBS Open Concert in Los Angeles
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